Four Envizion Promotions: Leadership Amid Adversity

by Princess Empleo, Girlie Joy Gumapon, & Jule Vincent Jaraula

LEADERSHIP: a simple term for a rather complex matter. A huge role and responsibility carried by one to ignite the lives of many. A smoldering force that fuels a collective drive of passion and commitment of people. Leadership is a tedious yet fulfilling commitment that, in itself, is already tough and challenging, even more so amid adversities, even more so amid this pandemic.

Especially in the year 2020, people in positions are faced with difficulty on how to lead people to attain success and order. During these challenging months, some leaders still continue to grow and impart their knowledge to others just to align things together. The experience earned them to take on another role in guiding people and developing more leaders as they climb more and higher ladders to grow in their careers and leave footprints for others to follow. 

Sometime in the middle of 2020, we witnessed four phenomenal women who took on one step higher in their positions, but nothing short of phenomenal leadership. Among these women are our Operations Supervisor, Cristina “Tina” Fernan, our HR & Admin Assistant Manager, Mylen “Mye” Jumalon, our Operations Manager, Janice Pensan, and last but not least, our Service Division Head, Jilyn “Jill” Desacula. Now, let’s dive to their stories of challenges and triumphs!

First of all, when everyone in Envizion heard the news about their promotion, we all got excited, hyped, and happy for them! But have we ever wondered how they themselves felt when they heard the news firsthand? When we learned about their reactions, we even got more thrilled for them!

 Mye: “I can still recall that there was a time in the past that I have been limiting my mind & I was not confident of myself because of fear (in many ways). Before, I never thought of myself getting into a higher position other than being an Ops staff. Although, I was just basically enjoying & loving what I was doing from my everyday tasks at work. Until such time my mind was far open after receiving amazing encouragement from my good superiors & mentors, who have appreciated and recognized my abilities. And then I said to myself that it is time to try and go further in my career. And so I bravely took the chance to take a step higher.

 Tina: “My first thought was excitement and then the realization of the responsibilities right after. It was a healthy mix between the two.

Jill: “First thought that came to mind was ‘more challenges’. I’ve always dared myself to go out of my comfort zone and every time I do this, I always meet new challenges that force me to learn and think differently.

 Janice: “The first thought that came into my mind is “This could be a challenging journey but it will all be worth it!””

 Mye: “At first, I felt so nervous but with the thought that I have my God in me, plus with the best support from the management, my superiors & colleagues, it made me feel more confident and has found in my heart the willingness to serve more. When I learned that I officially got promoted, I got mixed emotions & was speechless. I felt so blessed, yet more nervous than ever but more excited to face new challenges, as well.

We couldn’t help but feel proud and thrilled for these women to take on this challenge and blessing. Well, speaking of challenges, we asked them what challenges they are expecting in their respective new roles.

Janice: “I am looking forward to matters related to solving problems & seeking opportunities for the entire Operations Department.

Jill: “I expect that this new role would stretch me in the following areas as these are the new ones that come along with the role: (1) cross-border coordination – I believe that there will be more coordination with other companies and entities within RareJob Group; (2) alignment of the three different departments/teams for better efficiency and more aligned initiatives; and (3) immersing in a new team/department – I’m excited to further understand the functions and initiatives of the Training Department!

Mye: “I expect to face several challenges related to productivity and communication. And so I must learn further on how to recognize these challenges and address them carefully. 

These challenges may include, but not limited to, providing guidance to the team when directions and expectations are unclear, continuously enhancing the team’s work to stay organized and meet deadlines, inspiring and motivating the team & others, maintaining actively connected with the team & others, and many more. As I go along, I must continue doing my role and responsibilities with this mindset, “Everything that happens in the company is my business”. I believe embracing this new role as an Assistant Manager of HR & Admin will never be easy but it will be worthwhile.

Tina: “This is entirely a new ball game for me. While I have been part of Operations for nearly 4 years, I have not yet given the chance to look deeper into my peers as opposed to being an SV. It requires a deeper understanding of the people who have surrounded me for years now- even if you’ve known them for so long, there’s much to learn once you are given the opportunity to talk with them about over-all operations and outside of it. Responsibilities are also a new challenge that’s been presented. I am given new tasks that require more time while having to oversee things. It’s quite refreshing and I am excited to overcome the challenges along the way.

Well, we can only imagine their mixed emotions on looking forward to challenges. This pandemic has already been a challenge in the first place, so adding more challenges related to their new roles amid this pandemic will surely keep these ladies busy moving forward. They may be busy in the days and months to come, but for sure, they will also leave some footprints along the way. So, we got curious as to what kind of difference they want to make.

Jill: “The main difference would be more on alignment of tasks/initiatives among the teams/departments within the Service Division for more effective & efficient implementation of initiatives. Hopefully, this effort could translate to a better experience for our tutors.”

Mye: “While everyone is unique, I want to be someone who can positively impact everything. With this new role, I will do my very best & give my full support to create a good environment especially for the team to thrive, and be someone who can influence positively especially for the team’s engagement and good productivity.

Janice: “To continue to listen and empathize, to be open to ideas and acknowledge good work, to create solutions to problems. And of course, to take good care of myself, as someone wise once said, “to be a professional means not getting sick” which I translated to my own as having to take good care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually to be able to effectively execute our role.

Tina: “I have been part of Operations for years now and a tutor before that. I have seen, felt, and experienced how it is to be both so I know the sentiments. The differences I would like to make in my new position is to have an understanding, kind and fair Operations Team for everyone involved, especially the tutors who are literally our bread and butter in this industry.”

Aww! We are genuinely rooting for them to fulfill those differences that they want to make, and the marks they want to leave. We’re sure they already did, but here’s to hoping for more this 2021! Well, we also asked them what career experience left a mark in their lives that motivates them to be a better version of themselves.

Janice: “I’ve always started with being a Supervisor/Head/Manager in my previous jobs. When I joined Envizion as a tutor, it led me to a whole new perspective: taking one step at a time and starting from the basics helped me understand the essence of leadership because I believe I somehow bridged the gap between being a tutor before & being a part of the management now.

Tina: “I would always say scheduling. This task requires grit, patience, technical skills, blood, sweat, and tears. This experience has taught and equipped me to be a better person career-wise because it has taught me to face challenges head-on and that results from hardships building a strong foundation for your character.

Mye: “From the start of my journey with Envizion, I have had unstoppable and overflowing learnings, meaningful career growth & opportunities, plus wonderful challenges including those highs & lows, that led me to have an overall great experience with my career. With how the company has appreciated and recognized its employees, I vowed to do my part by giving my best contribution to our Envizion family. With this goal in mind, this will keep me highly motivated and more inspired.

Jill: “There are actually a lot of career experiences that were pivotal to my career decisions. However, what really prompts me to always work on improving myself is the fact that I get to wake up every morning. For me, it’s God’s message that there is something (a task) to be done and a  lesson to be learned. As long as we are alive, we should always be growing.

Our perspectives have now been already opened and widened by these triumphant ladies. We can surely learn a thing or two from them. All these years of hard work, commitment, and purpose has filled their souls with so much passion and wisdom. So, to end our talk with them, we asked for parting words of wisdom from them, especially for those people who want to grow and try something new in their career.

Tina: “Do it! Opportunity does not always knock on our doors, but when it does, grab it strongly with both hands. If presented with the opportunity, best believe that you deserve it.

Mye: “Ask yourself what motivates you and what makes you happier. Think about the gift of talents and set of skills God has given you. If you wish to aim for a higher purpose in life such as leading and serving others, then never be afraid to seek for it. We all have our own fears, but if we cast our fears to our Almighty God, we surely will be blessed with the strength that we could never imagine.

Janice: “Do not be afraid to try something new as the Lao Tzu saying goes, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.””

Jill: “We can never be ready for anything, be it a new role, a new place, or a new environment. If we wait to be ready before we jump to the next challenge or try something new, we’ll end up not taking it. We’ll always end up in the same place. My main advice is to take on the challenge or new responsibility, then figure it out along the way. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow.

We do hope these powerful women have imparted their wisdom to you, not just through this article, but all throughout your stay here in Envizion. We are grateful to them for sharing not only their fire, but also their time with us. It’s been a crazy year, but these leaders, together with the rest of the management, have continually assured us that we will all have an orderly work that will feed us and our families every day.

Leadership amid this pandemic, leadership amid adversity

Leading people is never an easy path to take. At some point, you get to lose sight of your goal because of the noises that distract you from attaining it. But once you see it clearly and get to look back on how you survived and thrived through adversities, it will put a smile on your face because you have come a long way and were able to conquer it all.  Overcoming adversities shapes a good leader. Furthermore, imparting knowledge to others makes them even a greater one because they are forging people who have the potential to be a leader that contributes to making a difference. These women featured today materialized the kind of leadership you ought to have, as they guide you to paths that can inspire others in making a difference by imparting the knowledge they learned from their experiences.

So, how about you? When you get the opportunity to take on a new role and path, are you willing to accept the challenge just like how they did?

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