Awards Spotlight: Nurturing and Cultivating Growth in September

by Jule Vincent Jaraula

GROWTH: a six-letter word that encompasses unlimited words and actions translated into limitless capabilities and potential of one’s self. Day by day, as we partake in special or even ordinary events, achieve tiny or unimaginable feats, or even simply perform mundane tasks, little do we know and imagine that we all grow in our own ways.

As we have celebrated the fourth anniversary of our beloved Envizion, we look back on the memories we collected, experiences we gained, and lessons we learned to simply or even grandly appreciate the growth we have cultivated in ourselves. We will take you to a trip down memory lane as we indulge in the stories of growth of our September 2020 awardees, especially their #EnvizionJourney, but first, let’s get to know who they are:

From the sparkling and brightest spirits of Envizion, Group Ripple, we have Threscia Fe Reyes, and Mary Carl “Emsi” Cimagala.

From the true blue royalties, Group Asteria, we have Jericho Galope.

Lastly, from the grandest spectacle, Group General, we have Jycyl May Tongco, Shiela Mae Galangke, and Jezel Tongol.

Now let’s get to their exciting stories!

So, first of all, as you may have known, this pandemic has shaped the world dramatically at the drop of a hat. One effect of it is the restrictions on public gathering, which sadly was the main reason why we couldn’t gather and celebrate our fourth anniversary, so we asked how our awardees felt about it.

Jericho: “What I miss the most would be bonding all night with coworkers. I missed talking with, getting to know, and most of all, partying with coworkers.

Emsi: “I get to see other employees taking a time off together, and celebrating the company’s milestone. Everyone is just “enjoying everything”, and I get the chance to hang out, have fun, and laugh with other tutors. And I also miss the food, too. LOL!

Oh yes, we actually do miss them, too, Emsi!

Shiela: “I was really looking forward to having fun during the party. I’ve seen videos from the past anniversary celebrations, and they were so fun to look at, like everybody was enjoying and having fun. It’s sad that I wasn’t able to experience it this year, but I’m looking forward to the next.

Well, unfortunately, not all of us got to experience the fun and splendor of the past parties, especially for the new tutors, so stay tuned, because we might have it virtual next year!

Talking about fun and splendor, we’re curious to know what their most fun Envizion experience is, so far.

Jericho: “Meeting my batchmates would be the most fun experience. We all got to know each other, and we do not just treat each other as mere coworkers but friends.

Emsi: “Parties! From Anniversary Celebration, Summer Event and Year-end Party, stepping out from our cubicles was the most fun experience I had.

Speaking of parties, we got a common response from the other ladies: YEAR-END PARTY 2019!

Jezel: “It was the most fun experience I had in Envizion. Well, our team won the grand-prize!

Threscia: “It was magical and full of surprises. It was filled with happiness and gratitude. Everyone had a great time celebrating unity and success.

Jycyl: “Before the event, we had at least 2 months to prepare for our presentation as a team, and I was so happy I got to meet and make friends with the other tutors. One of the best, indeed.

Ahh, those were the days. It felt like yesterday, and for sure, other tutors, especially the more tenured ones, also have other bets for the most fun Envizion experience. Tell us what yours is!

We believe that in trial or in fun, we grow, and when we grow, we reap what we sow. Let’s check what our awardees reaped so far from the memories and experiences that they sowed.

Jezel: “I believe I have improved in my one year stay in the company. I am more confident in handling classes now as compared before. Also, I now know how to build a connection with my students.

Shiela: “In my almost one year stay here as an Online ESL Teacher, I must say that this experience brought so much learning and growth to me, and honed my capabilities, not just as a tutor, but also as an individual struggling to make ends meet amidst the pandemic.

Emsi: “In my two and a half years of working in Envizion, I think I have improved in terms of time management and multitasking. It’s all thanks to the company, they have provided us training and projects that challenged and honed us to be better.

Jycyl: “I (also) learned that not all things or even people are there with you always, and because of that, I learned to be independent, and to always think that I should be confident, and that I can do it.

Jericho: “I used to remember being afraid of having lessons with beginner students, but as time went by, I got to familiarize myself on how to go about it.

Threscia: “I am truly grateful for those challenges because it gave me an opportunity to learn more about myself. I learned to adapt to changes and became more flexible, which helped me grow personally and professionally.

Indeed, challenges help us grow in every aspect of our lives. We will never know if we will never try, and we will never grow if we will never cry. We do have our ups and downs, because we can’t expect life to be perfect, and in challenges, we do learn a lesson or two. What could be the most valuable lesson our awardees learned so far in Envizion? 

Emsi: “I learned that I am an inspiration. I have learned that there is so much more than being a tutor in Envizion. It’s really nice and fulfilling to see shy students become confident speakers in the language.

Jycyl: “The valuable lessons that I’ve learned in my stay here in Envizion is to humble down always, and to help a fellow tutor when they are in need. It’s important to be compassionate to others.” 

Jezel: “Because I did not quit, I was able to figure out how to be an effective tutor. Indeed, my persistence brought me so much learning and improvements.

Jericho: “Experience is key.

Threscia: “Working in Envizion has taught me to be more responsible and patient. I learned to manage my time and priorities, and as a result, I became more productive.

Shiela: “Being resourceful in life, I guess. Looking back, I was surprised that some of the EZPH employees were having their businesses inside the office. This has taught me that in life, we should always have our alternatives, other solutions and back-up plans, so that when the first one is absent, another one is always ready to save the day, and put food on the table.

Well, gone are the days where we can roam around the office, and look for food that will eventually break our banks, because food in Envizion will truly save your day. However, with the resourcefulness of our tutors, they found ways to cope up with the pandemic, and sold their food (and other stuffs!) online, so shameless plug: please support our “ENVI-preneurs”, because their goods will catch your eyes, your stomach, and your hearts.

So much nostalgia about the life in the office, we also talked to our awardees on a more personal level.

How do they celebrate and embrace their growth as a person? Let’s find out.

Jycyl: “I chose to just ignore the hate, and live my life without stepping onto other people’s lives. With that, I am known for being a happy and appreciative person and I will continue to be like that to keep me going.

Jezel: “I celebrate and embrace my growth as a person by inspiring others. I love to share my stories on how I outrun the odds in achieving something.

Threscia: “I practice gratitude. I always thank those people who pushed me to do more and be more. I view challenges as an opportunity to grow and become better, and I embrace failure and enjoy the journey of learning.

Shiela: “I celebrate my growth as a person with humility. I believe that everyone has their own season for growth and success, and that my season is not the same as theirs, that’s why I’d like to keep it low-key, then just surprise everyone with a bang.

Well, I guess we’ve learned so many things about growth from our September awardees, and we’re ending this with a bang by sharing parting words of wisdom from them.

Jycyl: “There’s a saying that we can’t grow unless we make a mistake and learn from it. So, do we really need to make a mistake in order for us to learn? We can just learn without harming ourselves, and I think learning from other’s experiences can help us realize and grow also.

Emsi: “Growth is what we achieve if we are willing to take the journey. It will be tough, but dasig lang (carry on).

Shiela: “Growing means changing old habits, taking risks, and going out of the comfort zones.

Threscia: “Growth isn’t going to happen overnight. Learning fast isn’t the same as learning well. Take your time, and enjoy your journey of unleashing your full potential.

Jericho: “Growth is inevitable. Wherever and whatever situation you are in, growth will creep in.

Jezel: “Just because the process is difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Keep going! Surely, you will be a better you at the end of the journey.

Nurturing and cultivating growth

The entire year of 2020 has taught us countless lessons. We may feel like we have been stuck all year long, literally in our homes, and figuratively at a certain stage in our lives, but little do we know that we still continued to grow. In challenges we grow, and this year has bluntly given us challenges and hardships one month after the other. It felt like we almost stopped breathing, and left us gasping for breaths of comfort, certainty, and happiness.

This year has been tough. When things get rough, we have to stay tough, but when things cause us all sorts of ache, remember that we all deserve some break. Let’s cut ourselves some slack amid the hardships we are facing, and grant ourselves forgiveness and acknowledgement we never thought we needed.

Despite everything that we have been going through, let’s all take a pause and continue to appreciate the growth we have gone through. Let’s try to nurture and cultivate those seeds of memories, experiences, and lessons to something beautifully progressive. As a classic proverb goes, even the longest journey begins with a single step. Let’s take things one day at a time. Let’s help the world heal one human being at a time.

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