WFH Workstations: The New Frontier of Employment

by Gabriel Mark Sasoy Girlie Joy Gumapon

While the rest of the Philippines had been adjusting to the new normal and worrying about how things are going to function with distance learning and working from home since the outbreak of the virus, we already had an early start. Some of us had already been teaching safely from home since the 3rd week of March, 2020; and then working from home for all tutors was made permanent on the 1st week of May, 2020. And while the rest of us are still making their WFH workstations — well, workable; some of us have been busy fully optimizing them. 

A Photo contest was made to see how the Envizion employees were making their workstations uniquely them. While there were a lot of entries that were picture perfect, the entries that gained the most attention were those that were optimized to match circumstance, opportunity and passion. So let’s take a deep dive into how these tutors came up with these set-ups and what rationale went into these decisions that made their photo entries resonate with all of us

Kimberly Camiller

“I built my own small room in our “payag” away from our house so that I can have better net connection/lighting/fresh air/avoid hearing (noise) and my family helped with some materials. ( I know that I can have a good set-up inside my room but this place is more convenient)

THIS IS MY CUBICLE GUYS, I can see plants and vegetables outside so refreshing, I LOVE MY WFH SET-UP!! 💕”

  1. What things did you consider in setting up your WFH workstation?

The thing that I consider in setting up my WFH workstation is the convenient atmosphere. I really find it hard to have a good signal inside my room that is why I relocated to our “nipa hut”. Aside from that the natural lighting from the sun is far different than the fluorescent light in my room. I wanted to give a clear image to my student. Also, I wanted fresh air while working so that I am more relaxed.

  1. How does this set-up reflect your personality?

This set-up shows that I am a practical person. This set-up, as you look at it, may seem different from others. You can see that there are no designs, just the things that I needed to conduct a lesson. I think also that I am somewhat a resourceful person since as you can see, the white background (as my background)  is my huge and white bed sheet. The table also is not mine, it is from my aunt who threw it out (I just reuse it?).

  1. What are your tips for other tutors in making their own WFH set-up better?

I can only say that they must create a WFH set-up the way that they are comfortable in teaching so that they can teach “MORE THAN TSADA” lessons

Kristoffer Marte

“Don’t be busy, be productive.”

  1. What things did you consider in setting up your WFH workstation?

Being comfortable is essential. I always make sure that my hands and feet are in a cozy position. I use a ring light for better lighting. Most students prefer their tutors to have a clear video. I sometimes use my personal computer to open other materials to lessen the lag of my laptop.

  1. How does this set-up reflect your personality?

As a gamer, streamer and a computer enthusiast, it is always best to give your viewers/students the highest possible quality you can give. Lesser lags, lesser delays. I believe that time is essential. I respect other people’s time.

  1. What are your tips for other tutors in making their own WFH set-up better?

Invest. Invest in things that will make you feel comfortable in a WFH setting. Get a comfortable chair. Buy a ring light. And most importantly, be wired. Apply for a fibr internet connection to boost up your lesson quality.

Shaira Bade

Tutor, on the go!

Being an English Online Teacher is a roller coaster ride. A time to enjoy and feeling of fear. In teaching, you’ll surely enjoy once you are confident enough in teaching the lesson and feeling of fear once you are unprepared. To avoid the feeling of fear in handling my lessons, I come up with a rare, queer and traditional way! This is my own version to greatly give my students the quality of teaching they deserve; a well-organized and progress-based. I see to it that before I start my lesson, things are already prepared beforehand on my table. I can easily grab a certain material based on my student’s need. It’s really important to not just settle on your teaching skill because it’s already given but the challenging part there is how are you going to maintain a standard lesson satisfaction. To avoid forgetting the names of my students, strictly following their suggested material or demands and class schedule I put it on my cute sticky notes. My sticky notes are my buddy in remembering important details! By seeing my work from home set-up makes me feel very proud of myself. It makes me believe that I no longer belong to a so-so level for I can do more for my students. I will always strive hard since there’s nothing wrong in giving all my all in every lesson I have. Indeed, a person will be successful in his or her endeavors by putting all her heart and best effort to it. There will always be hard times, but making a new start every day is what matters most. Wishing all the best for our bright future, Tutors!

  1. What things did you consider in setting up your WFH workstation?

It must be conducive and well-arranged.

  1. How does this set-up reflect your personality?

My simple WFH set-up is a reflection of my personality because I am very passionate, specific to details and really giving my best in everything I do may it be small or big ones.

  1. What are your tips for other tutors in making their own WFH set-up better?

Tutors must really value their important role to their learners and internalize the company’s famous statement “More than Tsada!” So, this is my understanding and also applied it on my WFH Set-up.

These workstations were optimized to fit certain circumstances, personal preferences and the sheer will to provide better quality lessons. Did their insights give you any new ideas on how to improve your own WFH workstation? Whatever your current occupation is, or what work set-up you have during this crisis, we all need to be fully equipped to perform our tasks —a stable wired connection, complete set of resources, and our will to get through this. There’s nothing worth more investing in than our own peace of mind.

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