Always a Good Time: Envizion Clubs

Travel Club (4)

As part of pursuing the Envizion way of “Enjoying Everything,” tutors have the opportunity to form clubs with colleagues of the same interests every quarter. They have the liberty to propose activities and form a deeper bond beyond the confines of the office walls. From coffee lovers, to Mobile League enthusiasts, to zen yoga fans, anyone can find a community to grow and enjoy with. Let’s get to know the clubs from the past quarter through this feature.

Cafe Club


The Cafe Club brings coffee enthusiasts here in Envizion together to sip, chill, de-stress and have fun over a cup of coffee. It promotes coffee culture and helps us appreciate what goes into our cup as well as supporting local businesses and coffee farmers and roasters. So far, we were able to have a Manual Brewing demonstration and Single Origin beans taste tasting with the help of the talented baristas of Cafe Pilar on December 21, 2019.

– Ezra Ganas (Club Proponent)

Mobile E-sports Club


With our busy schedule and facilitating lessons daily at work, we made the Mobile Esports Club for the sole purpose of purely entertainment, where we have group matches against other members, This Club is all about strategy and cooperation as team in order to win. But at the end of the day we make sure that everyone enjoys the game. Our club initiated tournaments, 3-on-3 matches wherein 4 teams compete against each other until one group is hailed the champion. Of course, just like any other competition, the winners get the prize they deserve.

– Abegail Gabule (Club Proponent)

Outreach Club


The club hopes to engage tutors into sharing their god-given skills and talents to provide for those in need, and at the same time, to promote love, equality, and a humane society. The Outreach Club’s activities are mostly community-driven – e.g. book drive (collaboration with then, Book Club), gift-giving.

– Alyssa Viado and Emma Awiten (Club Proponents), in partnership with Travel Club

Massage Club


This club hopes to give relief to the tutors’ tense muscles and provide relaxation after almost a whole day of staying in their seats. Each member gets to enjoy an hour of whole body massage of their choice.

– Rena Recio (Club Proponent)

Yoga Club


The purpose of this club is to let the tutors experience a yoga session in a studio. One of the benefits of yoga is to relieve stress and ease muscle pain. We had a 1 hour and 30 minute yoga class at One Yoga Studio with Teacher Julie. She taught us basic yoga poses, proper breathing and also tried to challenge us by letting us do a handstand.

– Maria Louisse Duapa (Club Proponent)

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