A Lot Like Christmas: Envizion December Mural

August MVT (3)

Every month, Envizion encourages its own employees to show their creativity through painting the entrance mural. This month, a group of friends brought the Christmas spirit with their artwork. We talked to their multi-talented artist, Mary Lou Pacaldo, about the inspiration behind the mural and her other artistic ventures, such as fashion design.


What was your inspiration behind the mural?
I just imagined the things in a Filipino Christmas and which are easier to paint. So I figured that it will be Santa, a Christmas tree, Christmas balls and of course, the gifts. I only added Olaf becuase he made me smile always. And funny enough our Santa came out like a sunburned Jolibee Santa. Haha!

Besides painting, do you have any other artistic hobbies?
I don’t really paint. I would say my medium is water color and pencil. But for artistic hobbies, I do fashion designing since I was in high school. I also do origami and doodling if that can be included.

How did you start getting into art?
I remember when I was a kid, I often asked my mother to draw for me when I had art projects. I remember copying her works and making my own versions and that’s how I developed my own skills. When I was in elementary school, I cannot afford to buy a lot of cards for my paper dolls’ dresses so what we did is draw our own dresses. I remember making money by drawing my classmate’s paper dolls’ dresses before. Maybe that’s when I learned how to mix and match styles and colors.

I can chill with the devils and also chill with the angels. Just like water, I take the form of the people I hang out with.

What color best describes you? Why?
Deep sea blue. It looks calm or at peace. I am also a chill person. I can handle stress as calmly as I can. I can chill with the devils and also chill with the angels. Just like water, I take the form of the people I hang out with. But I try not to hang out with the sosyal and the rich people. I will die first before I can take their form, haha!

If you can rate your creativity from 1-10, how would you rate yourself and why?
I am still at six. Skilled enough for me to be assured of my self and my works but I believe I need a thousand hours more of practice and attempts before I can say that I am creative enough to be admired.

What is the most creative idea or product you have ever made?
In my college days, I made a gown purely out of drinking straw. I had no idea back then that it was such a great work so I just brushed it off. Recently, it came out in my FB memories and I realized it was such a great piece and I should have been more proud back then. That’s how I learned to appreciate my works now even if I think it’s not that great.

At my age right now, I am still a work in progress. And I am still trying to develop my courage to show up and be proud of my works.

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