October Theme Day: Spellbound

Crowned with Laurels

It’s all treats and no tricks as Envizion joined in on the Halloween fun for October’s Theme Day. This month’s winners explain the black magic their outfits carry.

Rhuzzle Perez

Black is a happy color for me and wearing basic style can never go wrong. This a black dress paired with a black shirt inside to make it look like a jumper. It looks simple and cliche but for me it makes me look fresh and young. And lastly to pull off the black magic theme, I bought a witch hat and paired it with a white wig.

Vince Campano

Had the dilemma of picking which black top I should wear, the black formal polo or the casual black jacket? In the end I just went for both. Behold the polo jacket combination. Is it formal? Is it casual? Who knows? Turns out it went great for me.

Frances Olegario

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Now, all you need is a pair of combat boots to embody everyone’s favorite goth theme. And to add a Halloween vibe, I decided to pair it with a long cardigan for a cape-like appearance.

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