MVT Spotlight: Irish Eugenio

August MVT

Like a rainbow, Envizion tutors come in various colors and shades. Irish Eugenio, our August MVT, knows well about diversity. From her hair colors to her approach to students, we are always pleasantly surprised. In this feature, she shares the highlights (pun intended) of being an Envizion tutor.

Irish on being a CBT

What does More Than Tsada mean for you?
For me, More Than Tsada means going beyond the limits of local standards. As a CBT, it is one of the core values that have been ingrained in my mind ever since I was a trainee. We are teaching Japanese students, so it is a given that we should exceed the local way of teaching. More Than Tsada means being able to provide lessons in a global perspective.

In what unique way do you provide More Than Tsada lessons to your students?
To provide More Than Tsada lessons to my students, I always try to teach in an open-minded way. I try to understand Japanese culture as much as possible. Aside from that, I also make sure to share things I know not only about the Philippines but also things about the world. Our cultures might be different so I make sure to always find a common ground or try to adjust to my students.

What do you enjoy the most when teaching?
Building rapport is what I enjoy the most when teaching. I love it when the student starts opening up with me about their lives. I always take little notes about my students and use it for our future conversations. Going beyond the student-tutor relationship and establishing “friendship” with them will always be fulfilling for me.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Envizion?
Freedom. Freedom to color my hair.

What do you focus on the most during your lessons?
QUESTIONS. I want to make sure that my student will fully understand the lessons. At every end part of each exercise, I never forget to ask them if they have any questions. Some students can be shy when it comes to asking question, so sometimes I take the extra effort of explaining things further especially if I can sense that the student is still confused.

Imagine you’re about to teach your very first lesson. With the experience you have now, what advice would you give yourself?
Loosen up, girl. Be confident because you can do it! Just do your best and ENJOY!

Biggest way you’ve grown as a CBT?
Learning how to manage my time is the biggest way I’ve grown as a CBT. Before I started working, I would always be late in classes or meetings. Since I started working as a CBT, I was able to be on time everyday. I was able to manage my free time as well and have a good work-life balance.

Irish on life

What’s the best color to describe your personality?
I don’t think there’s one exact color that can define my personality. Let’s just say that I’m a rainbow. I have my bright side, but I also have my darker side. And that’s what makes the rainbow beautiful.

Describe your ideal person.
My ideal person is someone who will understand me. I can be quite difficult to handle sometimes; I can be weird. My ideal person would be someone who sees both the good and bad in me, but still have the courage to stay and be friends with me.

Part of your body that you’re proudest of?
Hair, I guess? I think a lot of people may not know my name but they will remember me because of my hair color/s.

How do you keep a healthy work-life balance?
To keep a healthy work-life balance, I always make sure to do the things I enjoy during my free time like watching movies, listening to K-Pop, coloring my hair, making videos and eating.

Any hidden talents?
I can finish 12 episodes of anime or K-drama overnight. Is that a talent? (laughs)

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