September Theme Day: Crowned With Laurels

Crowned with Laurels

As Envizion celebrates its third anniversary this month, our September Theme Day saw all employees don their outfits in our company color. It may seem simple, but green can mean a lot of things to different people. Our Theme Day winners share the message they wanted to convey with their outfits.

Rorhy Geonzon

Green is associated with life and healing. I dedicate my outfit to the current plight of the Amazon Rainforest and the Filipino farmers.

Rossano Tanoy

Green plus checkered equals life! Why? Well, checkered patterns remind me of the delicate game called chess. Life is like chess – there’s no rewind once a move, no matter how trivial or significant, is done. Life is fragile so it needs to be handled with care. Hence, I wore checkered green to remind myself that my decisions must be fruitful on my part but not hostile to others.

Julia Bayang

This soothing green outfit is associated with growth. Life is made of failures and triumphs. The color green is a reminder to open ourselves to growth.

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