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Part of the Envizion Way is to Enjoy Everything. This doesn’t just apply to activities inside the office and our individual tasks, but even in the things we do as a team outside the four corners of our building. Since 2018, Envizion CBTs have had the opportunity to take part in clubs that interest them. From planning to execution, everyone has a hand and a say in anything that happens. Let’s get to know one of these clubs, the Travel Club, with its main point person, Ms. Kathleen Natividad.

Tell us about your club.
Envizion Travel Club aims to direct the wanderlust that naturally dwells in the minds of employees into purposeful educational and social channels by awakening curiosity about distant and alluring countries and our own. The club’s motto is “Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.” It basically translates to an endless cycle of working hard and savoring the fruits of our labor by going on a journey. You know what they say, wonderful things come to those who hustle!

Which places have the club traveled so far? 
We had a getaway in Camiguin late last year, then an adventure in Bukidnon last February. In March, we had a beach therapy in Initao, and followed it with a visit to Iligan in June. Most recently, we explored our own city by having a food trip.

How does your club embody the Envizion Way, Enjoy Everything?
Enjoying everything comes easy in our club because of the members’ positivity by making the most of our trips, wherever it may be. The best part is everyone’s readiness to take on a new pursuit. For our part, we travel not to go anywhere but to go. We travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. As such, the embodiment of the Envizion Way is an effort that can only be achieved through teamwork.

Best thing about the Travel Club?
The best thing about the Travel Club is that it gives busy people an opportunity to explore. Since work has become a part of people’s lifestyle, they tend to lose and bury themselves in deadlines and meetings. Our club has given members a chance to get to know colleagues who share the same interest and discover new adventures together.

Our club has given members a chance to get to know colleagues who share the same interest and discover new adventures together.

What was your motivation for proposing this club?
I’ve always wanted an office community where people could either make social connections or deepen those they already have. Thus, forming the Travel Club would be a perfect catalyst to communicate with like-minded individuals as well as help them de-stress.

Please share three unforgettable memories from your club activities.
It’s difficult to pick considering every memory made with the club members is unforgettable. However, there are some instances which stand out.

First, the games we did during free period. The Travel Club usually follows an itinerary to fully savor our activities. However, in between schedules, we do have time to unwind. UNO, Cards Against Humanity, “S” Word, and more–we played these games with a twist that certainly left the members speechless!

Another would be whenever we’re en route, we often sing along to our signature song. We have different tastes in music but we just listen to the playlist of whoever’s phone has the longest battery life. Haha!

The most noteworthy of all is how we make sure to have fun despite the bumps on the road. Let’s be honest, things don’t typically go our way, yet at the end of the day, we go home satisfied because we lived in the moment.

Most challenging thing about organizing your activities.
PLANNING. There are plenty of factors to consider. The crucial ones are the members’ availability and if the endeavor complies to company rules. But hey, for the benefit of the club, it’s definitely worth it!

Please invite more CBTs to join the Travel Club.
People say that “Traveling is a waste of time and money.” Everyone’s ideas of travel may be different from the rest, such as: joining only for the sake of taking a break while others sincerely want to learn more about the world and its people. In Envizion’s Travel Club, our purpose becomes one. Together, we can push the boundaries, try new things, become better people, and enjoy life more!

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