August Theme Day: Parade of Colors

Parade of Colors

August is a month of festivities for the City of Golden Friendship. In the spirit of enjoying everything, Envizion joined in on the fun as everyone donned their best outfits in red, yellow, and blue.

This month’s winners share their OOTD inspirations and fiesta memories.

Bea Torres

Bea 1

One of the many memories I had during the fiesta was when I was in high school. Many of my classmates lived near our school and when it’s fiesta, we will all walk and go to our friend’s house and celebrate together. After that, we transfer to the next house, whichever is nearer and celebrate again. It goes on for 2-3 houses. It was a fun way to celebrate the fiesta.

When I picture out blue, I think of calmness and comfort, like the ocean. I can see myself as a calm person, as what my friends say, and comfort has always been my fashion style.

Creeve Gevero

Creeve 2

Red has always been used to portray violence, war, and bloodshed. But for me, red represents love and life. After all, it is the color that represents my Salvation.

Zoe Barnedo

Zoe 3

My favorite fiesta memory is when my friends and I went to the carnival and we rode the Sea Dragon when we were in college. It was my first time to ride it, so I screamed and I was very scared but I had a lot of fun!

I love wearing dresses and anything that’s girly. Yellow is not really my favorite color but now I learned to love it.

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