Everyone is Connected: An Interview with Motegi-san

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Envizion prides itself with its tutors’ ability to always provide quality lessons. Before, during, and after the lesson, half of this achievement is because of our reliable and alert counterparts in Japan. They make sure that all tutors and students are connected, respond to real-time concerns, and bridge the communication between schools and Envizion. Despite the distance, they support us readily and help tutors and students achieve their goals.

In this feature, let’s get to know the very dynamic Motegi-san away from the screens and Skype group chats.

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I try to help [colleagues] by improving their mindset, suggesting logical methods, or demonstrating by changing calls on his/her behalf.

Please describe yourself using three words.
Ops (Operations) in Japan.

Haha! How about three adjectives?
I see! (laughs) Earnest, sympathetic, and spicy.

What was your life like before joining RareJob?
I used to be a sushi chef, freelance tour guide, housekeeper, and shuttle driver in the USA. I also had a commission-only remuneration from the sales of a high-end English material. And, I was also a part-time event staff.

So what made you decide to work in RareJob?
I was really attracted by Kato-san’s vision. He is the founder of RareJob and he pre-empted the market needs and the company’s response speed. When the market’s needs change, the company tries to adjust its approach quickly. That means our operations keeps on evolving, which never makes me bored.

What are your current roles and tasks?
I have to address concerns from teachers, sales, and operations relating to school lessons.

What’s the best thing about your job?
I can have an immediate reaction from stakeholders after taking actions. Also, when I am at customer support (CS), some staff ended up crying after receiving heavy complaints from students or clients. I try to help them by improving their mindset, suggesting logical methods, or demonstrating by changing calls on his/her behalf. It’s great to see the improvements in my coworkers by sharing my thoughts and ideas.

How about the most challenging? 
Sometimes, there are moments that need instant decision making and multitasking, such as prioritizing which issues to address and which actions to take. For example, if I use a wrong word to explain something, that person may not listen to me afterwards.

What is your impression of Envizion tutors?
Energetic and gentle!

Please share some of your interests and hobbies.
I like nature, so I often go to the sea or mountain. But recently, I devote most of my time to raising my son.

If an Envizion CBT is going to visit Japan on vacation, what activity would you recommend?
Skiing at a mountain somewhere in Nigata. I want tutors to experience very cold weather and powder snow. 🙂

If you can visit the Philippines again, what’s the first thing you’d like to try?
Join company weekend activities with CBTs, such as trips to the mountain!

Without Motegi-san’s help, it will really be difficult for Envizion tutors to conduct their lessons smoothly. We are always grateful that somebody with his talent and bright personality is always supporting us all the way from Japan. And what better way to show our appreciation than to consistently provide More than Tsada lessons?

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