In This Economy?: A CBT’s Side Hustle

Envizion Entrepreneurs

With back to back quality lessons and in-house training sessions, a CBT’s daily schedule is never dull. There isn’t a minute to waste. While all Envizion tutors have learned the fine art of multitasking, some even go the extra mile with a side hustle. From preparing their products before going to work, to juggling tutor and entrepreneur tasks, to easing their coworkers’ hunger and cravings, it’s an understatement to say these tutors possess superhuman skills.  

Let’s see what our super side hustlers have to offer and why they love being at the service of not just their students but also their coworkers.


Pantawid Gutom Box

Since April 2017
Offers snacks, meals, drinks
Message to customers Let’s continue to EAT, PAY, SMILE, and REPEAT. Thank you mga suki!

Ate Kim’s Pantawid Gutom Box has saved a CBT from hunger at least once in their lives. Although she’s never had prior entrepreneurial experience before Envizion and she has to sacrifice her precious sleeping hours just to refill her box everyday, the happiness in her suki’s eyes keeps her motivated. “I constantly enjoy seeing their ecstatic expressions when their hungry tummies are filled with PBG food,” she says. “Dealing with things positively and keeping my ultimate motivation to work hard and earn more make the daily load easier to bear.”


Kris’ Breakfast Bento

Since April 2019
Offers breakfast meals and sandwiches
Message to customers Expect the best. Big serving, affordable price!

For tutors who have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to make it to their 5 AM shift, preparing their own breakfast is out of the question. Thankfully, Kris’ affordable breakfast meals can answer their needs. “My products are usually sold out before my first lesson starts,” he says, and his customers can attest to the quality of his cooking. Kris finds listing names and tallying numbers challenging, but his time management skills are exceptional. After his shift, he makes sure to tend to the preparation of his products. “I sleep early, and wake up early, and I enjoy seeing my customers smiling when they are satisfied with my food.”


Sheena’s One-stop Shop

Since August 2016
Offers floats, coffee jelly, assorted snacks, cosmetics, and home products
Message to customers Thank you for your continuous support. I love you all!

Before being a CBT, Sheena was already in tune with her entrepreneurial skills through her online shop, CDO Sissy. With her new job and the opportunities to get to know more people, she gradually brought in more products for her coworkers to try. She says she enjoys becoming friends with almost everyone in the office since she’s naturally an introvert. “I can already memorize almost 200 names, haha! In my first few months selling in Envizion, I really struggled with keeping an inventory. But now, I can do it with my eyes closed.” Sheena says that she and her mom devote around six hours per day to prepare her products. But it’s worth it since her products are always in demand, thanks in part to Sheena always staying on top of what’s trending and budget friendly.


Gandang koREaNA

Since May 2018
Offers kimchi and Korean cosmetics
Message to customers My products are all authentic! Check out Gandang Korea and Nature SC Philippines on Facebook.

The Korean wave has hit the Philippines hard and Envizion is no exception! Rena actually found her stride in selling since she was an elementary school student. “Back then, test papers weren’t for free. I wanted to be of help to my parents, so I decided to sell food. Right after selling everything, I would immediately count my profit and think of the things I needed to pay for in school. I felt so happy being able to provide for my small needs. Also, I get to buy other things I liked because of my profit.” Now, she still has the same motivation, but makes sure to focus on her job at the same time. “I only do business during my free time at work, so it’s challenging when I don’t have the same free time with potential buyers (laughs). “


Lolong’s Relief Goods

Since sometime in 2018
Offers grapes, siomai, chorizo, rice meals
Message to customers You may pay on payday!

While Carlo, or Lolong to those who are close with him, offers grapes and chorizo on credit to his loyal customers, he also sells siomai and rice meals prepared by his supplier/friend, which is also what he enjoys the most about selling in the office. “My supplier always gives me free food and allowance.” To CBTs, Lolong is the seller with a sense of humor. With his catchy promotion tactics in the employee group chat, he gains and keeps his patrons. And even though it’s a bit challenging for him to collect payments on payday (“Some just ignore my personal message”), Lolong isn’t stopping anytime soon.



Since sometime in 2016
Offers empanada, fresh lumpia, rice meals, and Tiyay’s Tablea
Message to customers Thanks for the support. I love you guys!

Marianne has always enjoyed cooking and hearing compliments about it. That’s why although she has never tired selling before being a CBT, she took a chance to earn more as an Envizion entrepreneur. “I actually learned to multi-task in Envizion. My customers order food through Skype, then I prepare it for them. After that, they’ll get it from my station.” Aside from balancing her time as a mom and CBT, she has to go to the market after her shift and wake up early every morning to cook. But Marianne chooses to look at it positively. “It says in Psalms 30:5 that the joy comes in the morning. So, one thing that motivates me is knowing that this is another blessing or opportunity that Envizion gave me.”


Moana’s Market Mission

Since sometime in 2018
Offers rice meals, siomai, perfume
Message to customers I appreciate that you appreciate the food that I sell. One request: Please make it easy for me to search for you. God bless you!

Moana is a very soft-spoken and meek person. But when her friend had to stop selling products in Envizion, she had to step up and continue the business on her behalf. As a new entrepreneur, there are still things that are challenging for her. “Some don’t let me know their workstations at all, so I have to patch up the remaining collectibles so I can get the exact amount.” But the good things outweigh her struggles. “It’s not difficult to balance my time because the customers message me first before coming to my workstation to make sure they don’t disturb my class.” Although things are a bit new to her, she enjoys seeing the customers rush to her cube to check out what’s in store for them.

Indeed, in this economy, nothing worth having comes easy. As our side hustlers continually find ways to fill our cravings, their fellow tutors also find the joy in supporting their endeavors beyond being a More than Tsada tutor.

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