Hello, Can You Hear Me?: And Other OET Questions Answered

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To most of us, online English teaching is a bit like love – we’ve all heard of it, but we don’t really know what it’s about. Although it sounds promising, not many know how exactly one can grow in this industry. With that, Envizion conducted its first ever Online English Teaching Seminar at the beginning of this year. What was thought to be a one-time event turned out to be a sought-after program. As of writing, there have been eight successful sessions, and more are on the way! 

In this feature, we’ve packed all the details you need to know about the seminar from the facilitators themselves. If you’ve always been interested in the online English teaching industry or wondering if this career is a fit for you, then this seminar is perfect for you.

How did the Envizion OET Seminar come to be?
Jilyn: There were a lot of inquiries via Facebook about what the job and industry are all about. They like the sound of it but are not sure what it is all about. We’ve noted that OET is a relatively new industry here in CDO so a lot of people are not aware about the opportunities it can give. CDO and/or Misamis Oriental area, despite having a rich talent pool is not yet fully tapped thus the decision to try it out the first time.

Did you expect the very high demand for the seminar? How did you feel upon seeing the very warm reception?
We had our first run last February 23 which we thought would be just a one-time event. We’ve been receiving an overwhelming response not just those from CDO but also those from neighboring areas like Bukidnon and Iligan City. We realized the high demand for this, thus the decision to continue.

OET Topics
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What are the major things you discuss in the seminar?
Charity: First, we share an overview of online English teaching. This is were we introduce RareJob and Envizion to the participants. We also identify few companies and career opportunities in this industry and compare home-based and office-based situations. Second, we discuss our teaching approach. We introduce the basic teaching flow and we also have a demo lesson and workshop. So basically, we let them try how to be an online English tutor. And lastly, we show them the common screening stages we have in Envizion.

If you can impart only one advice to aspiring online English tutors, what would it be?
 During our seminars, we always tell the participants to know what they’re getting into. Whether they choose to be in this industry or not, they have to know what they’re signing up for.
Charity: Learn to unlearn. Not everything we know may be necessary and it’s way easier to learn if you have an empty cup and the willingness to achieve more.

Meet the Project Members

What’s the biggest challenge for you as an OET Seminar Facilitator?
 Time management. I am very glad that our Operations Department is helping me with this. Blocked slots are given so that I can do my tasks without doing overtime work anymore. All I need to make sure of is that I focus on OET tasks during the designated time. Also, I rest as much as possible when I can.
The schedule. Apart from my responsibilities as a CBT, I also have to finish my tasks to prepare for the seminar.

Tell us about a memorable challenge the team overcame for this seminar.
 On our first run, we were waddling our way through everything, from sign ups to actual facilitation. I remember the printer broke down so it was difficult to print the certificates. Imagine promising something and not delivering it as expected? That would have been a total disaster. But we found a workaround. We face different challenges and difficulties in each run, but I’m glad it makes us wiser and the seminar facilitation much smoother.

What’s your favorite memory from the OET?
Charity: My favorite is the traditional picture taking after the seminar. I really enjoy it because I can see how we successfully made the event.
Dannah: I think the fondest memory that I can share was when we first introduced our tradition chant. I could recall how excited they were and how it kept them on their toes.

Envizion OET Seminar facilitators:  (L-R) Charity Floresca, Jilyn Desacula, Dannah Iducos
Envizion OET Seminar facilitators: (L-R) Charity Floresca, Jilyn Desacula, Dannah Iducos

What’s the best insight you’ve gained through the seminar?
I learned that life is an endless process of exploration. I’ve seen many people who are really curious about this industry but have no means to learn further about it. This seminar has helped them fully understand how it works and the opportunities it offers.
I’ve learned to be more organized – setting priorities and finishing tasks on time.
Jilyn: Hmmm… good question. I believe it can be better expressed with these lines from my favorite author John Maxwell:  
Adding value to others is the surest way to add value to our lives.” and “Success is when we add value to ourselves. Significance is when we add value to others.” I believe you can never go wrong in desiring to add value to others. When we were initially thinking of ways to boost our recruitment and company branding initiatives, we felt that we’ve already exhausted possible ways. It was ‘us-centered’ kind of thinking. But when we centered our mindset on not what we need but what the society/public needs, that’s the time more creative ideas like the OET seminar came to light. Also, I’m grateful to be in a working environment that goes beyond aiming for success.

Please invite more people to join Envizion’s OET using a metaphor.
The world is a big adventure waiting to be explored. So, join us as we explore this industry!
Charity: “Life is a bicycle – to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Learn more and don’t be afraid to try new things with us. Fill out the forms and see you in the seminar!

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