MVT Spotlight: Chiqui Bolasco

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Our Most Valuable Tutor for July is Chiqui Bolasco. A firm believer that humor is important in teaching, she also makes sure that her students feel confident about their ideas. In this feature, she shares everything from her secret to More Than Tsada to her growth as a CBT, and even the things she always carries around with her. 

Chiqui on being a CBT

How did you find out about Envizion?
I found Envizion on Facebook when I was job searching. Then, I took the time to research about the company and the position, too.

What do you enjoy most when teaching?
It’s the diversity of students. Teaching here in Envizion gave me the experience of teaching students of different ages, characters, and professions. Although it’s a bit challenging for me to think of which areas of my life my students might relate to, it helps me appear genuine to them.

What do you enjoy most about working in Envizion?
I’d say it’s the positive work environment and bongang-bonggang company events. Haha!

How do you provide More Than Tsada lessons to your students?
My way of providing More Than Tsada lessons to my students is by cracking jokes to them. Since my work shift is from 1 to 10PM, I usually have students who still take lessons even though they are very tired from work. I believe integrating humor can somehow lighten them up and this can help me deliver meaningful lessons.

What do you focus on the most during your lessons?
Communication. I always encourage my students to think and express their ideas without being afraid of making mistakes. I do this by asking a lot of questions. 

I believe integrating humor can somehow lighten them up and this can help me deliver meaningful lessons.

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Imagine you’re about to teach your very first lesson. With the experience you have now, what advice would you give yourself?
Just stay calm, smile and have fun.

What’s the biggest way you’ve grown as a CBT?
Professionalism. It has taught me the sense of responsibility and respect to other CBTs/coworkers as well. 

Chiqui on life

How do you keep a healthy work/life balance?
Rest days for me are very important. I always make time for people and things I love. 

Any hidden talents?
I can solve complex math equat… Kidding! Singing is my only talent. 🙂

Who/what are your inspirations?
My family. They are my greatest blessing.

Describe your ideal person.
Brave and responsible.

If you have one superpower, what would it be?

Chiqui by the numbers
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