April Theme Day: White Ethereal

Every month, Envizion holds a Theme Day for all its employees to show off their More Than ‘Tsada’ creativity when it comes to vamping up their OOTDs.

For April, everyone wore their best all-white outfits perfect for the summer season. Let’s take a look at the winners of April All-White Day.


Shannelle Bacan

I came up with this kind of style: white bohemian dress and nude gladiator sandals. Actually, I got my idea from Vanessa Hudgens because we all know that she’s fashionable especially when she’s dressed up in bohemian attire. So, I searched online and saw some pictures of her slaying her bohemian outfit. That’s how I got my inspiration for my all-white bohemian OOTD.


JC Bual

I don’t really have a distinct style, I just wear clothes I’m comfortable wearing. I prefer feeling good about my self through my clothes than just looking good for others. It’s always better to be comfortable with yourself and being who you are because, eventually, it’s through being real that you can please people.


Diana Talamo

I didn’t want to wear something too white. Also, since it’s summer, I’ve decided to wear something with a little color and life. I’m fond of wearing clothes which not only showcase my personality but also what type of mood I’m in. Wearing this kind of outfit nowadays is comfortable enough to battle off the summer heat.


There were two main reasons why we chose this theme for April. First, since April is the start of the hot summer season, most people usually wear light and bright clothing to beat the summer heat. Second, it was a way of looking back to our company’s all-white YEP 2018.

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