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There are many reasons why employees stay with a company. Some employees stay because of the bonds they’ve developed with co-workers, some stay because of the learning experiences they’ve gained, while others stay because of deeper reasons. These reasons may vary from one employee to another but what is sure is that employees stick with a company because of what pushes them, motivates them, nurtures them, and surrounds them. When both the management and the employees believe in and religiously practice the company culture, the deep emotional connection that roots from there becomes an influential factor why great employees stay.
Envizion Philippines, Inc. will be turning 3 on September 1, 2019. Together with the company’s growth are the first batch of teachers who have witnessed Envizion’s first steps when it was still a company of not more than 50 people.
This week, we sat with these amazing teachers as they describe their daily lives in Envizion and why they’re in it for the long haul.

Q: Describe your daily life at Envizion.

Mylen: My everyday life in Envizion is all about joy and fulfillment. Despite the busy schedules and numerous tasks, I am able to achieve my daily goals not just as a working mom but as a career-oriented person. Every day is a great experience. I wake up every day excited to go to work. Despite my imperfections, I always have this sense of fulfillment as I conquer and achieve my daily goals.

Zoe: I teach my students every day and at the same time, I meet new people, too. I like meeting new people and learn something about them. It fascinates me.

Gabriel: I go to the office and say hi to my friends at work. I talk to a few regular students and a lot of new students. After, I sometimes go out with workmates or friends. What I like about Envizion is that there is no work after work. You don’t have to feel stress or pressure.

Mau: I wake up every day at around 6:30 am because I have responsibilities at home. My time at Envizion is so convenient for me because I could still do a lot of things in the morning. My work starts at 1:30 pm so I see to it that I should be at the office 1 hour before the time. I have been punctual since my first day at Envizion. Punctuality for me matters. This is one of the values that I treasure. I teach regular classes; school lessons and special lessons most of the time. I go home at 10:00 in the evening.

Sheena: I go to work before 7:30 am, arrange my selling items (because Envizion is so awesome that they support entrepreneurs in the office), and proceed to check my schedule for the day to be prepared. I then conduct lessons or other special projects, if any. Every second counts in the office.

Faith: My day starts the moment I turn on my laptop. I look at the schedule of possible meetings, certifications and making sure the Training Team doesn’t forget important events that were previously set for us. Being the “ate” of the Training Team, I made it a practice/habit to remind the others about their responsibilities for the day. Along with this task that I took upon myself, I’m also now in-charge of plotting schedules of the Training Team for the entire week. It can get really ugly once I do this particular task every Thursday, but I just look at it as a practice to better my organizational skills. Some people think that we only do trainings, but we do more than that: we customize school lesson materials, we brainstorm on programs that will help the CBTs, we communicate with our Japanese counterparts and we guide newly hired CBTs during their first few weeks. The tasks we each have are challenging, yes it can be draining, but we make it a point to stop and laugh and enjoy the kind of crazy we have to offer to each other in this department. Being part of the Training Team is indescribable- it can be crazy and tiring (with no in-between). My daily tasks here changes every now and then depending on the tasks we have on our plate. But one thing’s for sure, no matter what difficulties or challenges this job has to offer, I make it a point to appreciate what Envizion has given me. So, after each tiring yet fulfilling day, I would pat myself for getting the job done, with a smile on my face. Then, I turn off my laptop.

Q: What makes you stay at Envizion?

Janice: My commitment and undying dedication to Envizion is like the commitment I have for my family which will cease only when I no longer breathe! My stay in Envizion made me whole.

Kris: It gives me lesser stress than most of my previous jobs. And of course all the parties and events of the company. (Daghan chix pud. Haha!)

Dannah: I think what makes me stay in Envizion is growth. I see the company as a way for me to grow not only as a professional but also as a person.

Stiff: I stayed because Envizion did not just give me a job, Envizion allows me to have a period of time on my own to tend to my growth and awareness to become a complete person. In my case, I did not finish a degree, my opportunities are limited, but Envizion made me realize that it’s best not to sell myself short in my own life experience. It’s like Envizion is telling me: “Degree? I need potential! Come here.”

Sheena: It’s really because of the friendly and happy environment. My life goal is to grow old happy and accomplished and it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. But most importantly, Envizion has equipped me with so many life skills as we overcome tasks and challenges each day.

Maricel: There are so many reasons that make me stay here. First, is the nature of work. I didn’t think that I’d be teaching Japanese students online but I found that it’s fun. Sometimes, it’s challenging but it’s interesting and fulfilling, especially if you see your student’s improvement. Also, it’s not as taxing as other jobs because all you have to do is review the materials given, teach the students, and enjoy. Second, is the working hours. You don’t have to worry if you are a busy person because you can choose your shift schedule. Lastly, is the support that the CBTs are getting from the management, back office, and operations team. I am well aware that not all companies are like this so I am so lucky to be part of Envizion, Inc.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Envizion?

Dannah: I enjoy contributing to the changes in Japan’s education system and at the same time I also enjoy helping people improve on their English skills. Just to see their significant improvements give joy to my heart and that’s why I do what I do.

Elaine: What I enjoy the most about working here is that I get the chance to talk to people from all walks of life. I learn from them as well and I get to know the Japanese culture. I get to manage my time between work and my family, and I leave work at work.

Redentor: What I enjoy most about Envizion is the interaction with students; talking about their concerns and aspirations interests me.

Mariane: Envizion Philippines has a good working environment. So this is something I enjoy the most here. People treat each other as family.

Stiff: I’ve been to different jobs, but this one? This is where I belong. People should discover something that they enjoy doing and find ways to earn money from it. Envizion helped me find the way, and I am walking towards it right now.

Q: What can you say about the company’s growth?

Naomi: Actually, I was really impressed with what this company has achieved little by little. I remember, there were only 2 batches with only 38 CBTs at that time. There were no cubicles yet, no chairs, not even tables. We only had the floor to sit down on for discussions. But now? We’re really getting bigger and bigger.

Elaine: I’ve seen the company’s very humble beginnings—from nothing to now a very promising company. I see lots of potential through the satisfaction of its people and clients. It’s very positive to say that the company is headed to the right direction which is to help millions of people in Japan and in the Philippines as the Japanese education system is changing.

Maricel: The company has been growing so fast. In just two years, Envizion already made great things. I am certain that this company will continue to flourish and succeed in the ESL industry not only in Japan but also here in the Philippines.

Q: What was your most memorable/favorite company event so far?

Robe: The 2nd Anniversary. This event was the turning point of Envizion. It was the anniversary, send-off ceremony and welcome party of the CEOs, all rolled into one. On top of that, it was memorable because when I received the Hall of Fame Award, it dawned on me that I have grown so much with the company.

Shannelle: So far, my most memorable and favorite company event was when the whole Envizion Family went out of town for the first time. We went to Dakak to have our summer event there. It was memorable for me because it was my first time to visit the place and I had so much fun there with my friends and co-CBTs.

Kris: It was during the first summer event when my team won as the overall champion during the Palarong JaPinoy and I won as the best team leader. Our team also won the Best Team Banner Award.

Ricky: The 1st Christmas Party event at Pearl Mont Hotel where I won the singing contest because it was my first time to join a contest.

Mau:  The company event that was so memorable to me was the 2018 Christmas Party. It was my best party ever because I got the chance to familiarize myself with my colleagues. I discovered that tutors are not just tutors since each tutor has an amazing talent to share.

Naomi: My most memorable company event so far was when we celebrated our first ever anniversary. I like that moment because I am proud to say that we accomplished the first milestone that surely will remain in our hearts especially for batch 1 CBTs who trusted and believed in the company since the start. It was made more memorable to me since I won an award during the anniversary as one of the “Good Performing Tutors”. Also, during the General assembly of the same month (September), I was awarded as the “Most Valuable Tutor.” It was my first ever award, so I’m really honored and thankful.

Q: Tell us about your career growth in this company. How has it molded you?

Lee: It was last July 25, 2016 when I started working as a full time Center Based Tutor. The office was different, simple, and plain back then. In fact it was so plain that I can compare it to a blank canvass. I can therefore say that I was like a blank canvass myself when I first started working here. From then on there were continuous training, feedback, coaching and seminars that we had to go through until I was endorsed as a regular employee 6 months after. Later on, I applied as an Operations Staff  Member. And the rest was history. I could not thank Envizion enough for believing in its employees’ capabilities and talents. I started working here as a blank canvass, now I am a constant work in progress heading to become a masterpiece. Cheers to more fruitful years in Envizion!

Maita: Applying in Envizion is like walking through a portal, it transformed my used -to-be student life into a world full of opportunities. I started working in Envizion as a Center-based tutor in 2016. After some months of being a tutor, I joined the training department as a trainer and I have experienced career growth in terms of promotions, experiences and skills acquisition. I think in the three years that I have stayed here, Envizion has made me discover and develop parts of myself that I didn’t know I had before. Being in a corporate setting, and having a nurturing boss allowed me to see what it is truly like being in the corporate world. It also made me mature in terms of my work ethics and it allowed me to improve on my communications with non-filipino co-workers.

Hannah: I’ve been blessed to work with people who are able to recognize what I can do and what I can improve. That’s very important for me because I often find it difficult to identify my strengths and limits, even until now but especially when I was still starting out in Envizion. Thanks to those people, I was able to explore opportunities I normally wouldn’t take by myself and experience growth I never would have if it weren’t for them. I’ve gone to different places, met and worked with different kinds of people – all because there were people who took a chance on me. This reminds me that while it’s not easy, it’s important to know how to recognize and acknowledge others, especially since my job entails managing projects with diverse and talented people. We are all still discovering ourselves, still trying to grow in our own ways. But I’ve learned that if someone can take a chance on us while we are doing that, sometimes it can make all the difference.

Q: As one of the first employees, do you have any advice to new employees?

Charm: Always be yourself. Have fun and relax. If you want to stay longer, you must focus, love your work, and apply all the things that you’ve learned during the training.

Sheena: Every challenge is difficult at first but worthwhile.

Maricel: It’s not easy to get a job nowadays so love your job as much as you can. First, be punctual. Always arrive on time, call the student on time and end on time. Second, respect everyone and always keep your feet on the ground. Third, don’t be afraid to ask, and lastly, enjoy everything but be responsible all the time as well.

Shannelle: First is BE PUNCTUAL. From the very first day, establish yourself as someone who’s always on time. Being seen as someone who values time and is willing to work hard is a good first impression. Second is BE FRIENDLY. From the first day–the first minute–be nice to everyone. Even if you’re naturally shy, come out of your shell and introduce yourself to people. Ask lots of questions; be friendly and interested. And the third one is BRING YOUR BEST. Always do your best in everything you do at work, ask feedback from your coworkers if necessary and most especially, be positive.

Gabriel: Just be yourself, work hard and try to make new friends. As much as Envizion is a workplace, it is also a community.

Marianne: When doing something, always go for the best. When you work hard for something, there’s always a reward coming.

Kris: Three easy steps. Students first, be more than ‘tsada’, enjoy everything.

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