March Theme Day: It’s a Hat Day at Envizion!

Every month, Envizion holds a Theme Day for all its employees to show off their More Than ‘Tsada’ creativity when it comes to vamping up their OOTDs.

This month, we had a Hat Day where everyone stepped up a notch and wore their best and most fashionable hats. Let’s take a look at the winners of March Hat Day.


Keren Bentres

That hat symbolizes my fondness of the summer season. Summer always brings nostalgia to me. It brings back that one naive and joyful girl who used to play in the sand. I just missed being that girl. — Keren

keren (2)

Kathleen Natividad

The clothes I wear on a daily basis have always been black. For this reason, I also chose the same color for our March theme. It’s a no-brainer that my outfit will parellel my personality–simple yet fabulous. Thus, I channeled the dark version of Señora Santibañez through a wide-brimmed fur felt hat, a jersey maxi dress, and mermaid scale flats. — Kathleen

kathleen (2)

Diego Tinaco

The hat was inspired by a genteel’s outlandish French-Hispanic (mariachilove) couture during the Renaissance period, as seen in the Puss in Boots and Peter Pan’s Captain Hook. — Diego

dee (2)

Envizion chose Hat Day for this month’s theme because of these three reasons: First, it’s already summer season and hats are great fashion statements that also shield us from the sun. Second, March is also Graduation season – March is usually the month when most students graduate from school and thus would wear a toga cap. Lastly, it also serves as a symbol of each and everyone’s different roles in the company; with each person working together not only to achieve the company’s mission and vision, but also to enjoy everything.

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